An intrant submits and presents to the Admission committee:

  1. Application form;
  2. The state document of previously acquired educational (educational qualification) level, through which the entrance will proceed, and supplement to it;
  3. The certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment and informational card to it (for those who enter on the basis of complete secondary education);
  4. The medical certificate of 086-o form;
  5. Six identical photos (color, without headgear) size 3x4 cm;
  6. Copy of the marriage certificate or certificate of the name change (for persons who have differences names, patronymic names or documents);
  7. Copy of a document certifying the applicant identification number;
  8. Passport of Ukraine or other document confirming identity and citizenship (birth certificate - for persons who do not have passports under age);
  9. Military card (certificate of origin to the recruiting station).

All documents an intant submits and presents himself.

All copies of the documents are accepted by the Admission committee with the presence of the original documents.
Individuals who did not participate in the external independent evaluation submit documents proving their right to the entrance tests at university.
With the detailed conditions of entry may acquaint Online Admission Committee "KPI"( )


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