The Laboratory of Magnetic Nanotechnologies in Biology and Medicine

 The Chair is supplied with modern equipment such as:  

  • probe scanning microscope Nanoeducator;
  • centrifugation set;
  • horizontal electrophoresis camera;
  • magnetic susceptibility determination set for magnetically operated sorbents and magnetic pharmaseuticals;
  • plants for the obtaining of the high gradient ferromagnetic matrixes using the method of electrodeposition in magnetic field and using method of magnetically operated corrosion;
  • photocolorimeters КФК-2;
  • thermostate;
  • рН-meter;
  • sterilizer;
  • potentiostate;
  • biological microscopes;

All the equipment are used for the conducting of the educational process and for rhe research and development works of PhD students and students, also for R&D of the Chair.
Nanoeducator – is an elaboration of the НТ-МДТ Company, which has was an award R&D100, as the best project in the field of the high technological equipment for nanotechnologies. In Nanoeducator’s design there are used same details as in the top professional systems (Solver lines, Integra lines): 100 mkm metrological scanner with follow-up instruments (on all coordinates XYZ). As a fata units are used low noisy variable-capacitance transducers, which exceed similar piezoelectric and optical sensors of movement by their parameters. And for the scanning control and test data reduction the professional controller is used.
Electrical magnets
Centifuge «Елекон ЦЛМН-з10-01» supplies:
smooth accekeration and smooth braking of the rotor rotating.
Automatic support of the rotor rotating frequency.
Automatic engine turn-off in determined time interval.
Saving of last time settled parameters after the power supply off.

Time of work indication (without previous settling of work time interval)
Engine system blocking with an open lid.
Lid opening blocking with working engine.

Work with maximum centifugate amount - 150 сm3.
Mass unbalance in diametrically opposite bushing - to 2g.
Centrifuge ОПН-12
  Portable centrifuge, of a periodic action, with digital operating system. Assigned for the usage in practice in laboratory clinic diagnostics, and also for the laboratory research conducting in medicine, biology, chemistry and other fields.    Supplies the separation on fractions on heterogeneous liquid systems with density up to 2 g/сm3  under the action of the centrifugal forces.
    Has a digital centrifugation speed and time indication.

Microscope МИМ-9 
Metallographic microscope МИМ-9 is assigned for the observation and photographing of metals microstructure in usual lights in bright and dark ground and in polarized lights in bright ground. Main task is – metal structure analysis.

Microscope МИКМЕД-5 is assigned for the clinical laboratory diagnostics and clinical morphology. On МИКМЕД-5 microscope are used colored and noncolored samples in trough-passing lights by the method of the bright light in the form of smears, microscopic sections and in special cameras. Microscope may be used for the routine works conducting in medicine and biology and also for educational aims.

Spectrophotometer СФ-46 is assignes for the spectral coefficients measurements of the liquid and solid substances in the spectral zone from 190 to 1100 nm. Spectrophotometer СФ-46— is a stationary plant and are assigned for the exploitation outside of the living buildings in laboratory premises without higher danger of an electric shock.


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проспект Перемоги 37, КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, кафедра біоінформатики факультету біотехнології і біотехніки, навчальний корпус 18, кімн. 224, 225.


(044) 204-99-37, (044) 204-80-54

Щодня з 9:00 до 17:00 крім суботи та неділі.

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